Practical recommendations for internal medicine physicians





On September 21st, 2019, in Tbilisi, with the support of Alpen Pharma AG, a scientific and practical conference was held: “Practical recommendations for internal medicine physicians”.

Over 100 family physicians attended the conference. They had the opportunity to listen the speeches of the recognized experts in the raw field.

1. Tamar Megrelishvili, MD, professor, Department of Infectious Diseases, TSMU. She performed a presentation “Gastritis or functional dyspepsia”, during which she talked about two practical cases in her own practice and shared her best options in the field of GI tract diseases treatment with the natural medicine Gastritol. The report caused a lively discussion, as well as many questions from the conference participants.

 2. Alexander Kheliaia, MD, urologist, Head of the Department of Female Urology of the Georgian Association of Urology. In his report: “Uncomplicated urinary tract infection and functional dysuria: tactics of a family physician.” The speaker presented his experience of using Solidagoren in case of functional dysuria and the advantages of this drug, because of its phytouroseptic properties and antibacterial effects in chronic infections of the urogenital tract.

3. Yoseb Burduladze, MD, neurologist performed a report: “Achieving physical and mental balance.” He noticed a positive effect of using Vitango and Tebokan drugs to achieve physical and mental balance in patients.


All conference participants received a lot of useful and valuable information to apply in their future practice.